Customized Gift Cards Work!

There are a wide range of incentives to refer your business to accommodate every industry, budget and unique employee or customer to get maximum impact.

The most common type of incentive is gift cards. Prepaid cards are now the most frequently used reward. With GCX, we offer "magnetized" customized gift cards to promote your business.


Gift cards have become more popular

In 2012, gift cards have become the most popular gift among consumers shopping for friends and relatives and the tool of choice for businesses hoping to motivate employees, customers and partners. Gift cards are highly desired awards and great for business owners looking for unique and budget friendly rewards and incentives.

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Trophy Value

Gift cards are among the most appreciated and memorable rewards and incentives due to their "trophy value", flexibility, ease of use and choice. According to a study by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF):


"A full 44 percent of our card recipient survey respondents told us that prepaid cards are their favorite type of gift or reward. When offered a prepaid card or equivalent cash, five times as many of our respondents chose the prepaid card."

Gift Card XPRESS is Better Solution

Gift Card XPRESS (GCX) allows money to be given in $25, $50 and $100 denominations and the recipient (employee, customer, client, etc.) chooses their own gift card(s), based on their needs, to any store.

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Allowing the recipient the power of choice can not be overstated enough. Many people are willing to purchase a bank gift card to allow the recipient choice of where they want to spend the money. But watch out for the fee pitfalls.

According to Forbes:

"Bank gift cards expire two years after being issued, in addition to charging a monthly administrative fee of $2.50 starting six months after the activation date. So a $50 gift card could be worth only $35 if it isn't used in a year."

The inactivity months may vary today but if the card is not used up, the balance goes away! It gets even worse. The purchaser of the bank gift card also paid an activation fee (avg. cost of $4.95) before giving it to someone.

Getting Started is Easy

Gift Card XPRESS (GCX) is easy to use.

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