About Service

Gift Card XPRESS, Inc. (GCX) is a USA company.

GCX is a gifting service that solves the problem of unwanted gift cards by putting the power of choice into the hands of the recipient. With over 450 choices, they always get what they want.

The person receiving gift can then choose:

  • icon1 1) A desired gift card with
  • icon2 2) Leave funds in balance for
    later use
  • icon 3) Re-gift funds to
    someone else
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Trading in unused gift cards

If the plastic that you were given for Christmas past is buried in your wallet or junk drawer, you’re leaving money on the table. Each year $2 billion in gift card balances goes unused, according to TowerGroup. Premium members only can trade in their unused gift cards for credit to their GCX balance. Instead of owning a piece of plastic that you’ll never use, you can use the funds from trade-in for a new gift card you will use or send funds to someone else as gift.

This is how it works:

  • doler
    1) Get Offer

    Enter basic card information for trade by clicking "Request a Quote." We will reply with credit amount offer. Balance on card must be $25/$50/$100.

  • doler2
    2) Mail Card(s)

    If you accept our offer, print our reply and mail us gift card(s). E-gift cards can be done via email. Your card balance will be checked and verified.

  • doler3
    3) Receive Credit

    You will receive credit to your GCX balance plus $1 to cover shipping charges for card(s) mailed to us.

request a quote

A second way to earn credit as a Premium member is ordering qualified e-gift cards with your GCX balance. For example, if you order an Applebee's e-gift card for $50 - you may receive up to 10% ($5.00) in return credit to your balance. Qualified e-gift cards and percentages are subject to change daily.

And finally, a third way to save is the daily e-mail offer for Premium members to save on discounted gift cards. For example, you can purchase $100 Burger King gift card for $72.

  • Free

  • Basic

  • Premium

  • $0 /year
  • $9.95 /year
  • $19.95 /year
  • send-bgSend/Receive $

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • send-bgConvenience Fees

  • $3.50

    under $50 / 6% above
  • $3.00

    under $50 / 5% above
  • $2.50

    under $50 / 4% above
  • send-bgEvent Manager

  • 90-day Trial
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • send-bgPrint Vouchers

  • No
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

Earn endless $5 credits!

Gift Card XPRESS (GCX) believes "word-of-mouth" is the best marketing tool and we want to reward your efforts ... forever. Our referral program is NOT a one-time deal. You can truly earn endless $5 credits from your referrals all year round.

Here is how it works:

1) Become a Premium Member
First become a Premium Member for $19.95 a year. You now qualify for all the benefits that come with paid Membership Options and can possibly earn $5 credit to your balance from each person referred to our service by you.

There are two ways to obtain referrals. If you send money to someone using our service as a gift and they are NEW to our service - they will be tagged as your referral by default when they accept your gift. If they pay for a Premium membership, you will receive a $5 credit. But it gets even better. If they renew their membership the following year, you get another $5 credit. Every time a referred member renews, you will get paid*.

2) Get referrals
The second way to get referrals is by encouraging someone new to sign up on our site and type in your e-mail address registered with our service.
The same rules apply.

* Premium membership status must be maintained in order to receive endless $5 credits. If someone pays for a $9.95 Basic membership instead, $1 will be credited. Free memberships will NOT earn credits, but a history of their referrals will be maintained in case they upgrade to a paid membership.

Questions? We’re here to help.

  • How does your service work?

    Order an email CODE or physical card with CODE... and gift to someone. Code is redeemed by logging in or signing up. Use balance to choose gift card to over 450 stores or re-gift to someone else via email.

  • Which gift cards can they choose from?

    Login and click "Choose Gift Card" link or button, navigate from A-Z to see vendors. Or view and print complete list here.

  • How much does it cost to use your service?

    Membership is FREE. Codes come in $25, $50 and $100 increments and each has an activation fee. All email codes have $2 activation fee. $25 physical customized card with code has $2.75 activation fee - which includes processing, printing, prepping and mailing ($50 fee is $3.25; $100 fee is $3.75).

  • How do I add money to my account so I can send gift?

    Use our contact form here to indicate what you want to order. We will then invoice you via PayPal to validate your identity (very first orders only)... repeat orders will be invoiced right away. Login to account to redeem the code(s).

  • Who can I send money to as a gift?

    Anyone with an e-mail address. Give them heads up, follow-up and have them check spam/junk folder if not received in Inbox.

  • How soon will I get the gift card I choose?

    An e-gift card is received 1-2 business days to your e-mail address. A gift card sent in the mail will take up to 5-10 business days. Shipping is FREE.

  • What if I don't know their e-mail address?

    Give a physical gift card instead with code on back to redeem.

  • Can I promote my business with GCX?

    YES! Order customized business cards (minimum $200 worth) with code on back to redeem gift. Click here to view scrolling examples at the top. Start the order process with contact form.

  • Why PayPal? Can I pay by any other method?

    We use PayPal to vet your identity to prevent fraud. GCX will reject any attempt to pay from NON-verified accounts. Even though we invoice through PayPal, you can still pay by debit card or credit card and by check in the mail (must clear bank first).

  • Can my balance be redeemed for cash?

    No. All funds must be redeemed for gift card(s) OR send a gift to someone else OR wait and use balance later. There is no expiration date.

  • Why is $25 the minimum for your service?

    All 450+ stores offer a minimum of $25, whereas only a few offer $5-$20. No one wants to receive a gift and not be able to use it for all the choices we offer.

  • Is there a warranty on gift cards?

    We highly recommend you only order gift cards when you need them for use. There is a 45-day warranty on all gift cards redeemed from our service. Gift card balances by law do not expire, but we can only replace them within 45 days if there is an issue. Contact customer support with any issues. We serve as your agent on all orders.